In Search of Chiral Molecular Superconductors: κ‐[(S,S)‐DM‐BEDT‐TTF]2ClO4 Revisited

In Search of Chiral Molecular Superconductors: κ‐[(S,S)‐DM‐BEDT‐TTF]2ClO4 Revisited

30 October 2020

The relationship between chirality and superconductivity is an intriguing question. The two enantiomeric crystalline radical cation salts κ‐[(S,S)‐DM‐BEDT‐TTF]2ClO4 and κ‐[(R,R)‐DM‐BEDT‐TTF]2ClO4, showing κ‐type arrangement of the organic layers, are investigated in search for superconducting chiral molecular materials following a 1992 report indicating the occurrence of a superconducting transition in the former compound.

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Women of Distinction in Materials Science workshop with Clara Viñas

30 October 2020

ICMAB researcher Clara Viñas gave a lecture at the Women of Distinction in Materials Science Workshop entitled "Towards purely inorganic nanomaterials: new opportunities of boron clusters in biomaterials and medicine" which you can find now in our YouTube channel. 

Unexpected soft ferroelectric domain walls

29 October 2020

"Our colleagues at ICN2 studied a range of ferroelectrics using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and discovered that 180-degree domain walls – regions separating ferroelectric domains with opposite polarization – are mechanically softer than the surrounding material" says Konstantin Shapovalov, ICMAB researcher and co-author of the now published article in Physical Review X Mechanical Softness of Ferroelectric 180° Domain Walls, in which he contributed with the theoretical interpretation of this unexpected phenomenon. 

Coffee with Research: "Nano in Food" with the SensoRaïm project

29 October 2020

On November 5, 2020, at 12:30 pm, discover how nanotechnology is revolutionizing the agri-food sector with the help of the Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRI), the Servei d’Innovació Agroalimentària del Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació (DARP), the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute of the UB (IN2UB), in collaboration with the University of Lleida (UdL) and the ICMAB-CSIC. 

Congratulations Doctor Guillem Vargas, our new ICMAB graduate!

29 October 2020

Doctor Guillem Vargas from the Nanomol group at ICMAB defended his PhD thesis entitled "Novel Quatsome nanovesicles, prepared using compressed CO2, for the development of advanced nanomedicines" on Friday, 23 October 2020 in an online session. The PhD Thesis was supervised by Nora Ventosa, Nanomol Group, and Lídia Ferrer, Nanomol Technologies. 

Smart fluorescent molecular switches based on boron-based compounds

29 October 2020
Scientists have developed extremely stable molecular switches of high luminosity that self-assemble into 1D nanostructures and form gel-like materials. These molecular switches can be used in biomedicine as fluorescent probes for imaging or sensing, in fluorescent displays, or in memories and information processing devices.

Leading scientific associations and innovative companies demand to place R&D at the heart of Spain’s strategy

28 October 2020

A high number of scientific societies and associatios, industrial clusters and companies in Spain, including the SOMM Alliance (Alliance of Severo Ochoa Centers and María de Maeztu Units) have signed a document in which they urge all political parties to adopt a stable framework with urgent demands for the advance of R+D+I in Spain. The announcement is made in light of the recent approval of the preliminary draft of the Spanish government’s budget, which announces an investment of more than five billion euros in science

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