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Two Summer Schools and two Workshops will be held within the Eualsur project aiming:
  • To develop strong bonds between researchers at all levels from each of the participants by sharing of research ideas, results and perspectives.
  • To promote interactions among groups of excellence and networks from the BRAU European Union Countries.
  • To identify topics and areas for possible future collaborations via new research groups, networks and clusters.
  • To promote the transfer of technology and knowledge to the economic and social field.
  • To promote the participation of the funding agencies from BRAU-EU in the definition of the materials of social, political and economic interest.
Programmes and application forms will be available in this website before the events.

2nd EULASUR Workshop

2nd EULASUR Workshop

Copenhagen, Denmark, March 14th to 16th, 2012


2nd EULASUR Summer School

2nd EULASUR Summer School

Simulation, Characterization and Optical Methods for Materials and Nanomaterials

La Plata, Argentina, 4-9 September 2011



EULASUR Workshop, April 2011

EULASUR Workshop.
Belo Horizonte, 7-10 of April,2011

Eulasur Summer School. Bariloche, 3-8 of October, 2010

Eulasur Summer School.
Bariloche, 3-8 of October, 2010