• Chemical Control Over The Energy-Level Alignment In A Two-Terminal Junction

    The energy-level alignment of molecular transistors can be controlled by external gating to move molecular orbitals with respect to the Fermi levels of the source and drain electrodes.

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  • NANOMOL Collaborates With Almirall And Leitat Technology Center In Nanomedicine Applied To Dermatology

    Nano4Derm involves the development and physico-chemical and biological characterisation of nanocapsules containing active ingredients, and the generation of scalable formulation prototypes for manufacturing nanoformulations suitable for clinical trials. These innovative formulations will address current unmet needs and challenges, such as antimicrobial resistance, and provide improved topical treatments for Acne and Psoriasis, in terms of side effects, instability of active ingredients, and skin penetration.

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  • Pressure-Responsive, Surfactant-Free CO2-Based Nanostructured Fluids

    Microemulsions are extensively used in advanced material and chemical processing. However, considerable amounts of surfactant are needed for their formulation, which is a drawback due to both economic and
    ecological reasons.


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  • NANOMOL Group accredited with the TECNIO certification

    NANOMOL Group has been accredited with the TECNIO certification as a Technology Developer Organization, until 2019.

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