Towards racemizable chiral organogelators

Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2010, 6, 960–965.

Jian Bin Lin, Debarshi Dasgupta, Seda Cantekin and Albertus P. H. J. Schenning



A Racemic Conglomerate Nipped in the Bud: A Molecular View of Enantiomer Cross-Inhibition of Conglomerate Nucleation at a Surface

Crystal Growth & Design, vol. 10, 10, 4516-4525

Abel Robin, Patrizia Iavicoli, Klaus Wurst, Matthew S. Dyer, Sam Haq, David B. Amabilino, and Rasmita Raval

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The Resolve Project

The RESOLVE project uses a multidisciplinary approach to understand the resolution of enantiomers which takes place when the “family approach” is employed, and uses this knowledge to invent new protocols for use in the identification of resolving agents and resolution of enantiomers. A bottom-up hierarchichal self-assembly approach is used, involving the tools of nanoscience and technology This small scale collaborative project is financed by the European Commission (Seventh Framework Project number NMP4-SL-2008-214340)
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